Dr. Marcelle Forget, D.C.


Since a very young age, I was fascinated about natural health care. When I was about 6 years old, my mother almost died from taking medication for migraine headaches. This marked me quite deeply and imprinted in me how harmful medication can be.

My parents began to see a chiropractor. I may have been little, but I recall sitting in the waiting room with my parents, overhearing the incredible stories of patients getting better after receiving 5 to 10-minute adjustments. Their headaches, migraines, lower back pains, and joint pains were gone. One story always stands out in my mind.  A man fell off a roof while working and was brought to the chiropractor who fixed him. And the man was able to return to work. At a young age, when you hear these incredible stories being conveyed with an energy of a miracle attached to them, it marks you. It was imprinted in me as a young child.  

As I entered High School, I enjoyed courses like Math and Biology. Math was enjoyable and the organized thought processing fed my brain. Biology was fascinating to me, especially learning about how the body functions. It  left me in awe and the constant discoveries still bring me so much excitement, hope, and possibilities.

Towards the end of High School, I read some existentialism books which caused a shift in my thinking. I started to question the rules and some restrictive thinking. It opened my mind to seeing humans as multi-dimensional, how so many connections need to happen for us to live the life that we have, how life is so complex, and ultimately, all the possibilities which surround us. So I shed some of the restrictive thinking and allowed love, compassion, possibilities, and good energy to govern my actions. 

"I shed some of the restrictive thinking and allowed love, compassion, possibilities, and good energy to govern my actions."
Dr. Marcelle

I completed a degree in Health Sciences and then moved on to University in Biology. At the same time I was also contemplating Chiropractic. But, pursuing chiropractic frightened me. It wasn’t possible to take any of the chiropractic courses in French which was my first language. At that time I knew very little English. I struggled with the decision. But as it goes, the universe sent me a sign. One day in my Microbiology lab we prepared a mold culture that we needed to analyze. As we were all getting ready to look at our mold cultures and began opening our petri dishes, I suddenly couldn’t breathe. My girlfriend took me out of the lab so I could breathe again. At that moment I realized that this lab work wasn’t for me. This was the turning point that helped me take the leap of faith and apply to the only Canadian Chiropractic College which was located in Toronto, Canada at that time. 


Chiropractic school was very challenging. But my calling was so strong in my heart that I needed to be there and to do this. I launched four years of studying with my English/French dictionary beside me, translating every word so I could make sense of what was going on. After all, these were pre-computer, internet, and Iphone days with no instant translation software! The Biology background helped me, but the English communication was extremely challenging. This part of my life taught me so many things.  Most importantly, it gave me the knowledge to become a chiropractor, but it also taught me a big lesson in humility & persistence. 

During Chiropractic School, it was difficult to keep my confidence up when times were so hard, but I needed to accept where I was at and knew that I wanted to move somewhere else. The situation  taught me to focus on what is important and the importance of putting the time in.  I realized that I needed to take the French out of my life as much as possible for the time being.  I needed to surround myself with English-speaking people regardless of how I came across. After some time,  I was able to gain some traction and everything began to make more sense. 

The thinking that I developed from the unique challenges of Chiropractic School helped me tremendously when, later in my career, I started to learn more about the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) and about genes, especially health genes. 

"When I was 4-5 years old my mother almost died from taking a migraine medicine. That experience left a big imprint about the use of drugs and the importance of natural health care."
Dr. Marcelle

I graduated from Chiropractic College with a new profession, a husband, and being pregnant with our first child.  It was quite a few years!  We settled in Ottawa because my husband was from Alberta (totally English-speaking) and I was from Montreal. Ottawa is a good city for the French and English language. It was a difficult start because we didn’t know a soul, we’re both introverted, we had student debts, we had a little one to look after, and we just opened our practice without knowing anything about marketing. But despite all of this chaos, we were very happy and hopeful, which helped with conquering many challenges.

We ultimately had 3 children: 2 boys and 1 girl. Two to three years after our third child, I started to feel extremely exhausted. My brain wasn’t able to function properly. It felt like there was a very heavy cloud in my head and it was so difficult to use my brain. I would take a shower and would have to lay down afterwards to muster enough energy to get going again. 

At that time, we didn’t know much about fatigue, let alone chronic fatigue.  However, looking back, I had all the symptoms attached to chronic fatigue. I had normal blood tests, but had difficulty functioning. This fatigue lasted a few years.  I visited a Naturopath who recommended a yeast-free diet… so I put my whole family on a yeast free diet as much as I could because the food wasn’t accessible as it is now for this kind of regime. I had regular chiropractic adjustments but all of this helped very little. Looking back, chiropractic and naturopathy, natural health care,  probably helped me keep the status quo and I would have probably gotten much worse without it.


This tipping point came after my husband, Tony, who is also a chiropractor, attended a course called NET in Toronto. On his way back he was really excited about what he was learning and seeing. He was telling me about muscle testing and people going on the stage with restricted motion and  pain, and within minutes, coming off the stage freely moving and without pain. 

When he came back from the course, he immediately showed me the technique. I must say I was really incredulous about the whole thing. So with his papers all over the floor, he pushed on my arm doing the muscle testing while touching different acupuncture points on my body and checking some affirmations. We found some weaknesses and he corrected them according to the technique he had learned. 

I didn’t immediately feel that much different.  It was late at night so we went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, I couldn’t believe it.  It was the first time in a very long time that I felt a bit better. I could feel the change. It gave me so much hope. I wanted to know what happened. The doors of possibilities opened for me and I wanted to share this with my patients. I learned the technique, started to use it with my patients, and saw incredible results again and again. I had to find out why I was getting these results and how I could get even better results. This put me on a whirlwind path of studying, learning, researching, and questioning.


Life is not straightforward. There are so many ups and downs. In 2010, a year after her wedding, my 28-year old daughter was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. It was devastating. Her life expectancy was not looking good. So this started me on many, many nights of research and learning. This is when I started to delve into genetics. It was fascinating, it was like learning a new language all over again. But although I was able to help her with all of this knowledge, the science wasn’t as advanced as it is now. Tragically, after seven years my daughter passed away

When someone passes away you learn that life doesn’t stop, it moves on, and you have to choose if you want to linger behind or move on with life. It is not easy to move on, but I must say, with all the knowledge that I had acquired it helped me tremendously with moving on. I can honor her life, I can honor living, and I can help others. 


I have been working at developing and honing my integrative medicine and individualized natural health care skills for over 40 years. With all the new research regarding energy, genes, food, emotions, biochemistry, neurology, immunology, intertwined with NET, it is quite amazing what can be accomplished. I bring this information to help you make sense of what is happening in your life, to help you find your weaknesses and obstacles and help you transform them, to help you realize how interconnected everything is to our planet, and to help future generations optimize their overall wellness.


I often connect with new clients by having a 15-minute conversation with them about their issues concerns, and goals. This is done through Telehealth online. The purpose of this initial consult is to see if we are a good match and if I believe I can help them.

When we decide to work together and move forward, I begin with an assessment of their body’s  strengths and weaknesses. I do this through asking them about their health, emotional, and trauma history from their conception to where they are now. I also ask about their family health history, work,  etc.  Looking through this I can then assess how their physiology and biochemistry developed and led them to where they are now.


One important component to this initial assessment is to add their health genetic make-up. I usually recommend the 23andme saliva testing kit.  With a raw data report produced by 23andme, I can further my analysis and then share with them deeper insights about their health and achievement status.  

Many people think that their health and achievements are not interrelated. That is a big misconception because they are  very intertwined.You may have experienced some traumatic events when you were young. This may have caused your axis of stress to never shut down due to some genetic anomaly that you have. So after a while you started to see everything as a threat and constantly expected the worst to come your way. Or, you think you are lazy. But your laziness may come from eating food that you are sensitive to. This ramps up your immune system (defense system) as you eat these foods which produces all kinds of histamine to help deal with the foods you are consuming.  You are then opening yourself up to feeling lethargic, depressed, unwell, and exhausted , especially if your genes are weak and your body is trying to process the histamine,  This will increase your self-judgment, crush your self-confidence, and make it very difficult for you to feel fulfilled.

I believe that everything in us, including our history, is so deeply connected with everything that surrounds us. The earlier we become aware of this, the deeper fulfillment we can achieve.


Once I have all this data, I produce a plan of action for us to start working together. Ultimately, this natural health care plan is all about feeding yourself properly, physically, emotionally, mentally and psychospiritually.  Within every part of the plan one of the techniques that I will utilize is the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) . This has been such a powerful technique in my own life and in the lives of my clients. This technique will affect the way your nervous system works very profoundly for the better. And because of this, it will affect your perception that you have about yourself, others, and the world. This is often life-changing. It is a technique which brings us to the root of issues very quickly. 

You can think about the work which needs to be done as a cruise ship that needs to change trajectory. If you want to move the cruise ship 5 degrees from its initial trajectory it will take energy and time, but not as much as if you need to move it 180 degrees. 


I work with my clients over Telehealth on a weekly, biweekly, and/or monthly basis depending on their needs. We also adapt to the new goals that come along. We work together until you reach the kind of life that you want. I often describe it as living in the flow of energy that feels good to you. Once you are there, we keep our session going to keep you there. These usually become my monthly sessions. 

My sessions are usually 20-25 minutes in length, I can accommodate longer sessions if needed. During the session we will review where you are at and then proceed with our next step if we are ready. Life at times brings us challenges which need to be dealt with, if so, we adjust our natural health care plan.  I work with you. We work together one step at the time at your own speed. Everybody has their own needs.  Everybody has their own speed.  It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing.  It’s all about what is important for YOU.

Learn more about the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) here