Q&A with Dr. Marcelle

Why do you need to know how I was born?

Dr. Marcelle debunks a client’s concern about the need and relevancy for completing numerous personal history questions.  She discusses why questions like ‘how were you born from your mother” are relevant to understanding your medical history and how the answers to these questions help in your treatment going forward.  

6 Mindsets & Physiology

There are 6 mindsets and physiology components that Dr. Marcelle uses to understand and ultimately help clients reach their goals. These include environment, stress , food & exercise, microbiota, genes, and community, spirituality & purpose. Today we discuss each of these  components and why they are so important to understanding the whole person. 

What is the Microbiota?

We keep hearing about the microbiota and the microbiome.  What’s the scoop when it comes to the microbiota?  Why are these tiny organisms so important, and what can we do to protect them? Dr. Marcelle helps us to understand what the microbiota is/are and why the are so important to our health, well-being, mental state, and more.

5+ things we can do to help our Microbiota

Dr. Marcelle discusses 5+ things that we can do to improve our microbiota now. Take an inventory of the food and the quality of the food you are consuming. Examine where your food is coming from. Take inventory of the stress and stressors in your life and how you are managing them.  Getting out in nature is an important thing you can do.  Also, examine the toxicity in all of the items you use.  And lastly, reduce your sugar intake. Any and all of these can have a positive impact on your microbiota.

Can NET be used to find love?

Can the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) be used to find love? According to Dr. Marcelle, the answer is YES! But, it’s never that simple! Finding love, improving your health, reducing your stress….it all comes back to doing work on yourself and understanding yourself, inside and out. Dr. Marcelle has had tremendous success using the Neuro Emotional Technique with patients for several decades. Dr. Marcelle takes a personalized approach with every patient, working to understand their whole selves & remedy whatever is troubling them. Also, you can use this 10-minute exercise to explore and identify ‘What Love Means to You.’