Sources of Stress

Sources of stress are everywhere – from getting up in the morning not well rested to the sugary breakfast you consume, to the personal and work deadlines, to co-workers and relationships you face throughout the day and to paying the monthly bills. Stresses surround us and are the reality of our world.

Whatever your nervous system saw as a threat during the day, triggered your stress mechanism to start. Not being rested in the morning means that you miss some of your chances to heal your body while having a good quality sleep. Therefore, the result is an increase in inflammation resulting in stress and possible sickness. Eating sugar creates an imbalance in our microbiota. This results in an increase in inflammation, stress, and possible sickness. Deadlines, toxic environments, toxic relationships, and toxic finances can all cause stress, inflammation, and possible sickness. 

Types of Stress

Stress can come from many different areas of our lives. We can have nutritional stress, biochemical stress, physical stress, and, probably the most significant one, emotional stress.

How do you deal with all of this stress?  The answer: One step at a time. It is key to become aware of what is going on. Then you can start changing some of your perception and tweak some of your lifestyle habits.  This understanding and these lifestyle changes can bring you Health, Happiness and Power.

Do any of these impact you?
Imprinted Mindsets
  • Imprinted mindsets is trauma that you lived through when very young,  These imprinted mindsets are easily unconsciously triggered causing you to feel stress without even knowing what you are stressed out about. From conception, we start imprinting in our brain and nervous system many different things about our environment, society, relationships, food scarcity, etc.  If we imprint some of these situations as threats, any time we encounter the same kind of theme, the stress mechanism activates. This is similar with other events and situations which marked you through your life. There are even studies showing a possibility that what your grandparents and ancestors lived through could influence the way you live your life now. 
Social Challenges
  • Living in today’s social media driven society triggers many stressors.  And the moment your nervous system senses something as a threat, your stress cycle begins. 
  • Not enough exercise may cause stress on your body by slowing down the detoxification process. This causes more garbage to remain in your body, more inflammation is produced, and, ultimately, more stress is created. Too much exercise can also cause inflammation within your joints and tissues and inflammation will trigger your stress process.
Emotional Stresses
  • Do you experience fear, anger, sadness, grief, despair, concern, or regret? These emotional responses can imprint within your nervous system the possibility of a threat. And then the stress response starts and the stress process begins in your body. 
Other Types of Stress
  • Other Types of Stress include being a caregiver, trauma, being overworked, toxins, food, environment, genes, and more.

We will explore each of these stressors and help you identify yours.  Identifying your stress triggers is a critical part of the journey to managing your stress and ultimately healing your body and mind.