Neuro Emotional Technique

The Power of NET

NET or the Neuro Emotional Technique has been one of my most powerful tools in helping people heal. It is fast, it can help many areas of a person’s life, and it is quite incredible. 

One of My First Client Experiences with NET

One of my first clients whom I helped with NET was a man, big stature, very confident in himself, with quite an imposing energy.  He entered my office, sat down opposite to me, and  told me, “I heard you can help someone to quit smoking.” 

My first thought was, “Who told him that?” I had literally just started using this new technique (NET) that day and I was still  learning. Of course I said “Yes, I can” because I knew the positive impact that NET was having on me already. 

I started doing the series of steps and initiated  the technique:

  • First step was to do muscle testing to identify whether his body was congruent to stop smoking. In other words, did smoking strengthen or weaken his energy.  It weakened his energy. 
  • Next, I identified what emotion was attached to this topic of quitting smoking. The emotion was grief. 
  • Then I uncovered the first time that he had experienced this kind of grief in his life which was quite early in his life. All of this was discovered through muscle testing and  in about 30 seconds.
The First Results of Neuro Emotional Technique with a Client

Once he recalled the event, he was in tears, and totally uncontrollable tears. One thing I didn’t know at that early NET time, is that if someone is wearing contact lenses, they can lose them when crying. The next thing I knew, I was on the floor looking for his contact lenses. It was quite a shock for me for the first time doing NET on a client. 

He revealed to me that it was the first time that someone made him cry. After he had settled down, I said goodbye and he left my office. 

I thought I would never see him again, but he made another appointment. When he came in he said he had stopped smoking completely since our last visit and now he wanted to work on something else. This time he wanted to find someone special to share his life with, and he did 🙂

Through the steps above we were able to very quickly access the part of his brain which stored memories, trauma, emotions, mindsets. We then de-activated them and therefore changed his biochemistry,  perception, and behaviours. 

We accessed his amygdala which is located deep in the brain and deals with memories and emotions. We deactivated those memories which were linked to his smoking habit. 

His smoking was unconsciously helping him cope with this trauma. Once deactivated. he didn’t need to smoke any more. He was able to let it go. 


How has the Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) impacted me?

That was only one example of what NET can do. For me, deactivating some of my earlier childhood memories helped me change my perception of myself and therefore changed my physiology. Because of all these changes, my mitochondria (energy makers in our body) were able to heal and make me stronger again. 

For others it could help with depression, headaches, digestive issues, hormonal issues, wanting a better job, wanting to get better at something, and the list goes on and on. The Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) a powerful technique, and it works for most people. 

When I first started this technique I knew it worked because of the results I was getting with myself and clients.  However,  I didn’t really understand how it worked which triggered me to want to know and learn more. The Neuro Emotional Technique has been extensively researched and the positive impacts to many parts of the brain have been demonstrated through MRI imaging. NET therefore changes your physiology and your perception.

The Neuro Emotional Technique can play a big role in changing our future for the better. This is why I am bringing this information forward. 

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