Why am I Always Tired & Fatigued?

Oh my lord, I am so tired and exhausted. It feels like my energy has been totally drained out of me. It has been quite some time now but it is getting worst. What do I do?  You’re thinking it will pass, after all your medical doctor and your blood tests are saying you are healthy. But how can this be? I am literally constantly tired. I push, I push I push but I can’t do it anymore. What is wrong with me? What is causing me to be this way? 

They can’t find anything wrong with me

Everywhere I turn there is no answer. I hear the same story over and over again by my M.D., “I can’t find anything wrong with you” They tell me to rest, I rest but it is getting me nowhere. I am still so so tired, exhausted, and fatigued and I can’t get out of it. What is going on? Maybe I am dying and they didn’t find out why yet. Maybe I have cancer but they don’t see it.

Will I be this way for the rest of my life? How will I manage with my children, my spouse and my career? I don’t think they really get it, this is not normal fatigue or exhaustion. Yes, my life is busy but this is what I want. I want a family, a career, being able to enjoy holidays. Others can do it, why not me?

What is happening? 

Well, you pushed it too far. It is like you going up a mountain (life has its ups and downs, doesn’t it but let’s get going). You are going up the mountain and someone is asking you very nicely to carry this very heavy package. Someone needs it on top of the mountain and it is a live or die situation. So what do you do? You put it on your back, of course, and continue with all your might up the mountain. 

As you are going up trying to bring desperately this precious cargo to its destination, you encounter all these nasty bugs coming at you. The black flies and mosquitoes are eating you alive. You never thought you would encounter so many of them. You are not ready for this. They are biting you all over and it’s making you crazy.  The weight of the precious package that you are carrying on your back and the torture from the bugs are fatiguing you. You are trying to push forward with all your might. 

Pushing up the Mountain

As you are pushing yourself up the mountain, your mouth is getting really parched, the sun is beating down on you, and you don’t have any water. You look desperately around for some drops of water, but you are getting too depleted and can’t find any. You last a little longer, your brain and your whole body is getting really warned down. Then you crash and you don’t have any more resources to get there and deliver your precious package.  The same thing most likely has happened in your day-to-day life. As life went on, you put more and more demands on yourself. 

More and More Demands Leads to Fatigue
  • Maybe your career became more complex and more demanding as you are starting to build your family.
  • You acquired the mindsets that everything needs to be perfect and organized and you are working so hard at making it so.
  • Maybe you moved in a new house or bought new furniture or carpeting and you are having problems dealing with all the toxicity from the off gassing because unbeknown to you, your biological pathways to detoxify these chemicals are not working full efficiency. Are you getting busier at work?
  • Did you think of the stress it is bringing you and all the hormones produced because of this stress which could lead to toxicity?
  • Maybe you are getting so busy you are putting exercising on the back burner, and because of this you are accumulating toxins destroying your body.
  • Maybe you are reaching for junk food or take out more often; or maybe you are skipping meals.
  • Did you increase your coffee/tea intake, your sugar intake, your alcohol intake or need recreational drugs to deal with your day.
  • Did you get a cold or flu which lasted forever or travel to a foreign country and get sick?
  • Experience the death of a loved one?
  • Did you go through a separation, a divorce?
  • Did you relocate?
Breaking Down Your Health

All of these individually or together can cause a breakdown in your biochemistry in your well-being, in your health. They can cause you to experience deep fatigue, exhaustion, tiredness. Along with all this drain of energy you might also have fogginess, joints pain, lack of drive, lack of desire, depression. It could even create an auto-immune disorder. 

Without noticing, you have brought more stress into your life and your body’s chemistry has spilled over, is messed up and it needs to be fixed. 

The accumulation of stress from the different areas of my life can cause a breakdown in my biochemistry and make me really sick.

But why is this happening to me? Other people have this kind of life and don’t seem to be suffering from tiredness and fatigue?

You are right, there is a reason why this is happening to you.You see we are all built more or less the same, but we also have our uniqueness in a way of what we have encountered since conception.  So many things can affect our biochemistry, our well-being. Some will make it better and some will hinder it and make you sick or not well. 

-So many things around me can change my biochemistry, it can make me sick or healthy.
-I need to be aware of my environment a lot more.

You can’t compare yourself to others

We can’t really compare ourselves to others. It would be a losing game from the start. You don’t have the same genetic weaknesses and strengths and have encountered different traumas, struggles, happiness and joy as others. You most likely never had the same exact diet as others. The toxicity and infectious pathogens they encountered and yours are different. You might have encountered different climates. They might do different sports than you do. All of these factors and more make you unique. All of these things have the potential to make you very strong or very weak because of your uniqueness. So don’t compare yourself to others otherwise you are judging how your cells are dealing with the stress you are putting them through. 

Your body is the one constant in your life.

For you to win and succeed, you need to recognize how your body is the one constant in your life. Your cells will be there for you until you die. They will even grow new ones from time to time to help you out. They will work so hard for you to keep you healthy and balanced. You need to work with them, not against them. You need to help them be strong. And when you do, they will help you have a great life. 

So don’t judge yourself by comparing yourself to others. Instead get inspired about the possibility to optimize your body. Think about the cells of your body as children. What would you do to nurture them? How would you support them when weaknesses show up? What would you do to optimize your body for your cells to regain their energy?

-My body is made of many cells and they are so important to me, to my well-being, to my success. 
-How can I support my cells so they can help me get better.
-Don’t compare yourself to others. You are unique. Find your unique solution.
-Get inspired by the possibility of optimizing your body. 

How do I fix this? How do I get rid of this fatigue? 

To start, you need to take inventory and be quite the detective.

What does this mean? It means to reflect on your life; on your entire life. You might ask yourself: “Why reflect on my entire life?” Because, fatigue is a symptom from a complexity of issues. Fatigue is not usually straightforward. It is often insidious. In most cases, there is an accumulation of stressors that cause weaknesses until there is a tipping point, causing the symptoms to establish themselves. This tipped your balance of well-being. 

Because of this you need a deeper understanding of what went on and what is going on in your life. 

So start reflecting on…
Parents before you were conceived to conception

Your parents before you were conceived to conception (if you don’t know anything about them just jump to a few sections further. If anything comes to mind, write it down, even if you can’t recall; your unconscious nervous system will remember a lot more than what you know consciously):

  • How was their health? (strengths and weaknesses)
  • What was their situation regarding happiness and stressors? 
  • What kind of trauma did they live through?
  • How was the environment they lived in, physically, emotionally? Any pollution or toxicity around them?
  • What kind of mindsets did they have? What kind of values did they have?
  • What kind of food did they eat? 
  • How was their family situation? Any physical/emotional weaknesses within the family they come from?
  • Anything else which comes to mind?
  • Was the conception a happy one? 
Your parents during the pregnancy:
  • How was their health? (strengths and weaknesses)
  • What was their situation regarding happiness and stressors? 
  • How was the environment they lived in, physically, emotionally? Any pollution or toxicity around them?
  • What kind of mindsets did they have? What kind of values did they have?
  • What kind of food did they eat? 
  • How was their family situation? Any physical/emotional weaknesses within the family they come from?
  • Anything else which comes to mind?
  • Was it a happy pregnancy? 
You from conception to 10 years old:
  • How was your health? (strengths and weaknesses) Were you on medications?
  • What was your situation regarding happiness and stressors?
  • Did you live through any trauma?
  • How was school for you? 
  • How was the environment you lived in, physically, emotionally? Any pollution or toxicity around you?
  • Did you sleep well?
  • Did you exercise/physically active?
  • What kind of mindsets did you have? What kind of values did you have?
  • What kind of food did you eat? 
  • How was your family situation? 
  • Anything else which comes to mind?
Repeat the same questions for 10-20 years old and then 20-40 years old, etc. 

Are you starting to notice some patterns? Notice some weaknesses? Are you noticing anything that might have contributed to your situation now? This thing happening to you is not in your head; it is in your tissue.  Doing this detective work can help you tremendously by seeing patterns, weaknesses, and strengths which were acquired and developed along the way. Don’t despair for too long, do your detective work.  

I need to be a detective looking at my whole life to discover the patterns I am repeating.

When will I get better? Will it take me forever?

Well, this is also unique to you. Recall Aesop’s fable, “The Tortoise and The Hare,” will you be putting your full efforts into the changes at the beginning and then lose focus moving away from your goal or will you be firm and steady? 

Over the many years in my practice, I realized that someone has a very high percentage to reach their goals if they demonstrate patience, steadiness, dedication and persistence. What is important is to produce a momentum of good changes, to reflect and learn from the downs or the failures, to acknowledge your successes and to grow from this information, and to allow this new information to energize you even more.  The reality is that life has its ups and downs and it’s what you do with both of them which will determine where you can go. 

Don’t bully yourself with timelines

Don’t bully yourself with timelines that are too short or with goals that are overwhelming. This will only imprint in your unconscious nervous system that you can’t do it.  Break down your goals in very tiny steps which your nervous system feels it can accomplish and once there, do another tiny step and another. With this kind of process, you will produce a momentum of success and this will carry you to the end and beyond. 

Don’t forget your “Why”

Another important component of success I found over the years of working with clients is a deep knowing of why they are doing this, what is the deep reason why they want to go where they want to go? Why is it so important to you? It doesn’t matter what “YOUR” deep reason is, once you have established it and own it for yourself, this will give you the burning desire, the passion, and the fuel you need to reach your goal, to resolve your problem, and to find the solution. 

So will it take you forever to get better, to reach your goal? Nobody knows. But I can tell you from experience, once you are within the wave of momentum of success, it is a pretty sweet place to be. 

-Become aware of your process for success.
-Don’t bully yourself.
-Know “why” it is important for you to get better.

I know it is discouraging right now because you have lost some hope through the confusion of what is happening to you and the lack of answers from people you trusted to give you answers. It is ok to be discouraged, I have been there. But today I am here to tell you there is most likely a solution to this ordeal if you are ready to do the work. 

A bout of exhaustion and fatigue

When I was in my 30’s, I went through a bout of total exhaustion and fatigue. Nobody was giving me the proper answer until my husband and I did further learning into the emotional/physiology relationship, the unique individual food and supplementation requirements, the microbiome relationship to our quality of living, the weaknesses and strengths of our genes, and the importance of goals and passion to our life force.  All of this and more has helped me recover my energy, but it did so much more than that. It helped me bring richness into my life and having a deeper understanding of what my life was about. 

So it is possible for you if you are ready to sit down and look deeply at what is going on without judgment and only with a craving to understand what needs to be tweaked and do the required work. 

Let’s review what we have learned.

  • The stress from the different areas of your life can cause a breakdown in your biochemistry
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. You are unique. Find your unique solution.
  • Be a detective, reflect on the family you come from, their mindsets, their actions and also reflect on your own life.
  • Become aware of your process for success.
  • Don’t bully yourself.
  • Know the “why” it is important for you to get better.
  • Get expert help if needed. Getting help is not a sign of weakness.
What steps can she take?

Are you ready to do the work needed to let go of the fatigue and exhaustion? Regain your energy. Tegain your health and your life. Here are some steps you can do:

  • Take a deep breath in and out often during the day
  • Let go of judging yourself
  • Let go of comparing yourself to others
  • Start your detective work about your life. 
  • From your detective work, write down the weaknesses, strengths and patterns you notice.
  • Write down 3 actions or mindsets which could bring you strength if changed.
  • Commit to 1 change.
You can get there as many of us did.

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