Neuro Emotional Technique

Sometimes You Just Have to Jump

I was on holiday in Maine and suddenly the phone rang. It was my son telling me that one of my patients, Helene, had contacted him because she had an emergency and she needed my help. I phoned her immediately and asked her what it was about. She had breast cancer and just had a mastectomy and her arm was extremely swollen.

I told her she should contact her medical team. She had done that already and apparently whatever they told her to do was not helping. She was suffering, panicking and didn’t know what to do. So, she thought of me.

Back then, I was doing all my testing through muscle testing – helping people with the Neuro Emotional Technique. 

So, I told her, I don’t know what I can do because you are not here with me, but I will try. At this point there was nothing to lose.

So, I started to go through the Neuro Emotional Technique process. I began testing in my head. Through that testing, I found some emotional issues and nutritional needs. I told her about the emotional issues. It made sense to her so I activated the proper acupuncture points by asking her to put her hands on different parts of her body and doing some deep breathing. I recommended some nutritional support that her body seemed to need. And then I told her to contact me again the next day because I didn’t know if any of this would work.

I was worried about her all night and was anticipating her phone call. I was really wondering if I had done anything to help her out.

She phoned me the next day and told me she was 75% better. I couldn’t believe it. We did some more NET and when she called the next day, she was even better.

This is when I realised that I could use the Neuro Emotional Technique and didn’t need to press on someone’s arm with muscle testing to achieve great results.

But of course, in the back of my head I thought maybe it was just a “fluke.”

So I came back home and started to practice doing “muscle testing” in my head instead of using people’s arms. And it worked again and again.

So I had to jump and trust it.

I realised that by doing it in my head, I could impact many more people. After a while, as my confidence grew, I was able to do NET with groups and help address their issues with good success.

Now, I don’t want you to think this came overnight.

I practiced Neuro Emotional Technique with muscle testing for quite a few years. And, after about 4 years, I started to realize that I could sense the body responding a certain way, shifting to be strong and shifting to be weak. This is what I used with Helene to help her over the phone.

With years, I have honed this skill and have became very proficient with it. I use it with my clients and have great success.

I am so thankful to have learned NET with muscle testing. It really help me develop a talent that I think was there all along, but I didn’t know about it.

When I was young, people thought I was shy. But I wasn’t. I think, at times, I was just quiet because I just needed to sense and/or maybe I was just overwhelmed with everything I was sensing.

It is easy to be overwhelmed with what you are sensing when you don’t even know you are sensing and cannot interpret what you are sensing.

The NET taught me how to interpret what I am sensing. But in some other situations, I don’t know how to interpret what is going on. I just know something is off, and usually, when I listen to myself, I step back.

I wish we would teach our children a lot more about the importance of sensing without judging. After all, we know already through research that parts of our body, like our small intestine and hypothalamus, can sense energy and nutrients.

If our body can sense the energy and nutrients of the food we put into our mouth, it is not a big stretch to think that it could also sense the human being in front of us or even nature which surrounds us.

I think when we start sensing more of our surroundings, realize how everything impacts us, and how we are all interconnected, we are able to develop stronger communities and a healthier world.

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